building surveys

Sustainable Lifestyles Ltd carry out building surveys, mainly from an energy efficiency perspective, to identify areas of heat loss using thermal imaging to identify these areas. From the initial survey full reports can be produced detaIing areas of concern and advice is given on how to address these issues with recomendations of suitable materials and detail drawings to demonstrate these areas and how they can be treated.


In a number of cases, the initial survey has identified other problems with buildings such as damp and building fabric failure due to poor workmanship and poor design of the building in question. Without the initial survey these issues may not have been discovered until they had become far more serious so identifying them at an early stage has enabled relatively minor repairs to be carried out to eliminate the issues saving considerably on future repair costs.


Increasingly we are being asked to provide evidence against builders regarding energy efficiency, as well as other issues, on new homes. There are a large number of new homes being built at the moment (1 million by 2020) and time schedules are very tight which means quality is pushed aside in favour of quantity and corners are being cut to meet targets. We are also acting as expert witnesses on a number of ongoing cases where the builders are being taken to task on many building quality issues and building regulation non compliances.


Below are 2 examples of the type of reports that are produced, click on the photo's to download them.