Older Homes.

Older homes can be pretty cold in the winter and expensive to heat. Identifying where the heat is being lost and how these areas can be improved to reduce this can make home improvements more effective. There can also be issues such and damp and mould that need to be addressed, finding the root cause of these issues is vital to ensure they are treated effectively.

Using thermography as part of a building survey, effective solutions and advice on material specification can be provided along with ongoing advice and support.


There are a number of schemes around offering home assessments for energy efficiency based on RD SAP (Reduced Data Standard Assessment Procedure) these, however, are based around a 'one size fits all' type approach and often miss significant areas of heat loss because they are outside the usual loft, cavity wall, windows format. Thermal imaging can identify many significant issues completely missed during a standard assessment because it looks for what is actually there rather than assumptions.

If you are planning energy efficency improvements, a thermal imaging survey, including air tightness testing, is vital to identify issues and plan works around them. Many people contact us after renovation works have left their homes as cold as they were before because they were unaware of where they were losing heat and overlooked these areas during renovation.

The price for the full survey starts from £350 for a 1 bedroom house/ apartment plus travel @45p per mile.

Click on the image below to download a Survey sample,
there will also be up to 50 thermal images included.