Laura Palmer 3/11/2021.

Thank you for doing our home - my father in law who is difficult to impress! Is very impressed and would like to see if he can book into get the thermal report done on his house.

Bob & Annette Mogge 17/4/2020.

I have viewed your report & I found it very interesting, as I did for your visit to perform the inspection of our house. Also thank you for the informative advice in how to overcome many of the faults diagnosed. I was very pleased that many of the problems we had addressed were as effective as they were found to be. Now we have the "difficult" job of seeing to those problems requiring structural rectification, while not any great feat of work will be involved, I do like to try & achieve most things to our house that need attention, it just means it will take a little longer.

If we find anyone who will benefit from your services we will most certainly recommend your company.

Thank you for all you have achieved for us.

Bob & Annette Mogge.

Anonymous 27/6/2017.

Paul Buckingham was introduced to me by a Passivhaus builder who agreed to inspect my newbuild house – in particular the MVHR system – after I experienced debilitating and frightening health symptoms in my house and was forced to move out.
By that time the builder had already replaced the fan unit of the MVHR system, and the undersized vents, and was now uninterested in replying to any further requests for help.
No “expert” in MVHR systems wanted to help either, because of the employing power of the builder….
Paul accompanied the Passivhaus builder and, along with other gents desirous of improving the building industry, inspected the fabric of the build, focussing on the insulation, the vapour barriers and airtightness of the build. The house failed badly – a reported EPC airtightness of 7 was woefully out, and many other of the factors noted above were noted as of very poor quality. It helped to explain the source of the health problems.
It would appear to me therefore that by failing to understand the building science and relying only on the tick box exercise for Building Regulations, the result for me was devastating health problems, and Paul’s help was absolutely invaluable in helping me understand the core of the problems.
Thankfully he saved me from despair….NO ONE ELSE WAS INTERESTED IN EVEN LOOKING.
I am currently dealing through the courts on this matter and sadly am unhappy about divulging name or address, but you can contact me on my mobile should you wish to verify this testimonial – Paul has the number.

Lee and Jacquie Gilchrist, Cambridgeshire 16/4/2016.

"We approached Paul at Sustainable Lifestyles to complete a thermal imaging report on our 15 month old property. After two winters of being cold, spending a fortune on gas bills, the builder attempting "bodge" fixes and fobbing us off about all our other concerns, we wanted proof of our concerns and to pinpoint what was wrong with our home.


Paul came to do the inspection and instantly opened our eyes to the extent of the insulation fails and poorly installed windows and doors in our house. The results were as shocking as we anticipated, but Paul was excellent at explaining what was wrong, why it was happening and what should be done to rectify it. He was extremely knowledgeable and skilled, and suddenly everything fell into place and became clear.


The builder no longer had anywhere to hide. With Paul's outstanding after care and support along with a very concise report of findings, we were able to take it forward as proof that our home was in breach of Part L1a of the building regulations and we forced the builder to take action. We would not have been able to do this without Paul.


From start to finish our experience of Sustainable Lifestyles has been second to none. Paul is friendly, passionate, knowledgeable and brilliant to work with. We are so pleased that we found him and would highly recommend his services."


Sonia and Ed (Feb 2014).

“Paul carried out a thermal imaging survey on our house in February 2014.

We live in a stone house in a conservation area in Kidlington, with most of the house said to be 400 years old. The survey revealed several things that surprised us:

  • there are still draughts to deal with – coming in around downlighter fittings and down the side of various large beams and wooden window lintels,

  • our 1980s roof conversion is very poorly insulated, and

  • Ed’s DIY perspex sheeting secondary glazing is quite effective!

We are really pleased we had the survey carried out and Paul’s report documenting the problems and his advice on the day, will allow us to make some useful changes which should reduce our energy bills and make the house more comfortable.”


Christine Whild (January 2011).

“I recently had Paul Buckingham to my house to look at areas which might need more insulation. He brought his thermal imaging camera and it was most interesting to see where there was insufficient insulation, or indeed where there were draughts. Thankfully he didn’t find many of these! I can recommend him for his knowledge and enthusiasm and for his unbiased recommendations.”


Dr. T. Thorn (September 2010)

“Paul’s informed and unbiased advice was invaluable in helping me find the best approach and products to improve the energy efficiency of my house from the many on offer.”