thermal imaging

Thermal imaging, identifying draughts flowing between the edge of the ceiling board and a beam.
Thermal image, cavity wall insulation
Thermal imaging, missing insulation
Thermal imaging, chill beams
Thermal imaging, air flow

Thermal imaging is a very powerful tool that helps to find and identify hidden problems in a non-destructive way.


The images here are examples of the kind of things that can be seen, poorly installed loft and roof insulation, draughts, and poorly insulated cavity walls.


Thermal imaging can be combined with air tightness testing which can show up building regulation non compliances in new buildings such as unsealed dry ling on the walls.


Thermal imaging is being used increasingly for building compliance testing, the bottom right image shows chilled ceiling panels in a new London office block, thermal imaging was used to prove the operation of the panels.


It has also been used to find leaks in underfloor heating pipes and to correct underfloor heating zone set up.


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Air flow behind the plasterboard on a dry lined wall.