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We offer air tightness testing and consultancy to help you achieve robust air tightness through detailing and understanding, going further than just helping you 'tick a box'.

Air Tightness testing is more than a 'tick the box' exercise.

Within the construction industry there appears to be limited understanding of the purpose and importance of air tightness, how to achieve it and what effect it has on the overall thermal performance of a building.

Just because a building has passed an air tightness test, does not mean it is an airtight building and will perform to its design specification. In the majority of buildings, airtightness has been achieved by sealing the plasterboard/dry lining internal box of a building (which is a finish, not the building envelope), resulting in an airtight plasterboard box within a very leaky outer box, it will pass a test by ‘ticking the right box’ but doesn’t prove air tightness integrity.

Our approach to air tightness testing through early construction consultation, is to make the building itself airtight before the plasterboard/dry lining is installed, this makes the final air tightness test easier to pass and helps the building meet its design energy efficiency target.

We are also specialists in Passive House airtightness consultancy and testing where targets must be met at very early stages in the build rather than at the end of the build as with other buildings.

Our smoke testing...

We have successfully used smoke testing to prove missing radon barriers and air paths through building structures to demonstrate heat loss and fire spread potential in a number of legal cases. The test is carried out in conjunction with air tightness testing and thermal imaging to give increased evidential weight to breaches of building regulations and other technical standards. 

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