Air Tightness

Air tightness is an important factor for many reasons within a building; thermal performance, sound transfer and fire integrity. Poor air tightness can result in significant heat loss, transfer of external and internal sounds and a significant increase in the risk of rapid fire spread.

Within the construction industry there appears to be limited understanding of what air tightness actually is, how to achieve it and its importance. In the majority of cases, apart from Passive House construction and a hand full of developers specializing in energy efficient construction, the air tightness test is little more than a tick box exercise. (See this pod cast for details of air tightness within the mainstream construction industry.) 

We offer air tightness testing and consultancy to help you achieve robust air tightness through detailing and understanding, we don't just help you to tick a box!

We work with a number of developers including Passive House developers, where we advise how to achieve air tightness targets as low as the Passive House standard of 0.6m3/h.m2, many new builds have targets of around 5m3/h.m2.