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Useful for planned preventative maintenance (PPM) on electrical equipment such as control panels, Electrical Thermal Imaging Surveys are vital. Thermal imaging can identify unusual hot spots in a control panel and give early warning of a failing component before it fails so a planned replacement can be carried out before it fails and brings a production line or process to a stand still.

Benefits of Electrical Thermal Imaging...

Prevent Failures

When an electrical component begins to break down, it will typically heat up before it fails. Due to this, Electrical Thermal Imaging identifies components emitting more heat before failure.

Reduce Fire Risk

With high voltages often at play, it's vital to know the health status of your Electrical circuits and components. Invisible from the naked eye, Electrical Thermal Imaging helps spot fire risks before disaster.

Increase Equipment Lifespan

One component failure can lead to exponential failure within other components on a circuit. By preventing failures and eliminating dangers, you can preserve the lifespan of your equipment.

Reduce Running Costs

Heat is a byproduct of an electrical circuit, and often leads to an inefficient system. By identifying and eliminating heat using Electrical Thermal Imaging, you can save money in the long run.

What's included in our Electrical Thermal Imaging Survey reports?

Our Electrical Thermal Imaging Surveys are conducted by a PCN Category 2 trained Thermographer, with a background in electrical engineering. We survey your electrical equipment and product a full-colour report, complete with images identifying potential risks, alongside our best recommendations.

Our Electrical Thermal Imaging Surveys identify...



Loose Connections

Phase Imbalances

High Resistance

Potential Dangers

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